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About Us

Think Design Concept (TDC) is dedicated to provide unsurpassed interior design services which extend to work in unique commercial and retail environment. We are known for excellence and consistently provide quality services throughout each phase of the project.

Our Skills

One of the most important factors to TDC’s quality design and superior service is its experienced and passionate staff. The team members are competent in both interior design and project management as we work in an integrated and complementary fashion. The firm relies on personnel to work with each other to develop client solutions in a work environment that encourage open communication and sharing of ideas.

Professional Team Members

To ensure success in delivering our projects, TDC work with a team of professionals that include general contractors, mechanical & electrical consultant, structural engineers, audiovisual and lighting consultant, etc.


While project are becoming increasingly complex in both scope and method of delivery, we strive hard to complete all our projects on time yet deliver flawless product. We will continue to deliver astounding design and functional spaces that is beyond client’s expectations.

Powerful Software

We understand the need to be on-budget and on-time in business. No two factors play a more consistently critical role in business than time and money. We use powerful software to effectively create and monitor projects and schedules.

Our Services

Full Service Interior Design

TDC is one of the leading commercial interior design firms. We partner with our clients to create high-performance workplace solutions that support and enhance organizational objectives and strategies.

Design Development and Construction

The design development phase is where we take the schematic design phase to the next level of service. This phase lays out mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and architectural details including specifying design elements.

Branding Signage

One of the more important element in a commercial project is the signage branding. It may just be a simple logo to a building roof-top sign, this is meant to communicate to the public at large, the company’s branding.

Museum & Thematic Design

TDC are one of the more experienced museum design and fabrication companies in the region. We understand that designing & building a museum or thematic environment requires a team approach.

Facility Planning & Consulting

Think Design Concept is a forerunner in providing strategic planning, facility assessments, and feasibility study consulting services for institutional, governmental, and corporate clients.