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TDC experience with many companies have presented us with a glimpse into the nature of these businesses, their personalities, their needs and their design styles. The integration of computers into our design process gives us insight into the fast-paced nature of business trends and the ability to manage complex project budgets and schedules. This helps us to keep the client and project team effectively and thoroughly informed.


We understand the need to be on-budget and on-time in business. No two factors play a more consistently critical role in business than time and money. We use powerful software to effectively create and monitor project budgets and schedules.


Client is our partner and our friend. We enjoy building long lasting relationship with them. Our staff has a sincere commitment to facilitate clients in challenging situations.


Creativity is the core in our working environment. The firm had cultivated a culture that encourages our designers to explore alternatives to produce innovative solutions to complex problems. TDC’s workplace is carefully created to ignite our most creative energies.